Search for Gold

It was a usual night,  I was tucking in the chickens like i always do. I was about to close their door when  something not so normal happened… I wasn’t sure if I was just hearing things, When I heard what i thought was two chickens talking to me! I opened the door back up to see if someone was in there with them. Then I heard it again!

“There is gold at the tracks I can see it from a tree branch, and I can smell it when the wind blows” “you have to go to the tracks and find the gold”

I couldn’t believe what I heard so I closed the door and ran for the house to tell Isaac.

“Isaac!” “the chickens were just talking to me” “they told me there’s gold at the railroad tracks!”

Isaac said “maybe you’re tired, I doubt you heard that! Go to bed.” 

So I headed to bed. I couldn’t sleep at all. I just laid there thinking about what the chickens said to me. I knew what I heard!

When morning came I asked Isaac if we could just take a walk down the tracks and look around. He didn’t want to. But came anyways. We walked and walked w out seeing much of anything there was some trash but nothing that looked like gold anywhere. 

Until we saw  further away an old railroad car. Which is very strange since this railroad hasn’t been working for years. We wanted to see it close up, so we kept walking towards it. You could tell it had been there a while, it was rusted and had graffiti all over it. On the side of the car was a ladder. Isaac wanted to climb it and sit on the top of the car, I wanted to keep walking to find the gold! But since he came with me and didn’t want to, I waited for him to try out the ladder. 

Who knows, he may be able to see the gold from up there. He climbs the ladder and tells me 

“There is a lever here that looks like it opens the top somehow”

I told him to try it out. He pulled the lever and I saw him fly through the air still hanging on! He didn’t know the roof would roll  back automatically and so fast when it unlocked! He landed in a pile of dried mealworms! I saw them fly into the air and some landed on me. I climbed up the ladder to help him get back out. We couldn’t believe how many mealworms there were!

We sat on the tracks a while thinking of what we should do with all these. When it came to me….. The chicken wasn’t talking about gold that would make me rich! He was talking about chicken gold!!! Mealworms he could smell when the wind was just right!

Isaac and I were a little disappointed but couldn’t wait to show the chickens that we found their treasure!

chickens r.i.p

We have like 30 eggs or did most of them died besides a couple I went to go see the chickens with my mom all of them weren’t hatched but I still wanted to see if the last two were still alive we used the phone to put the light on the chicken egg and you would be able to see the chicken.

In the egg there will always be a ring some on the bottom of the egg I think if you cant see it anymore the chicken will be dead. We saw the ring that was good I think to myself then. My mom went to put the egg back then the chicken bit my mom in the finger she got scared. She dropped the egg and it hit the ground of the chicken coop it was struggling to breathe on the floor. We have this ramp and this boxes so the chickens can sit on the eggs and the ramp in there. My mom jumped off it grabbed the chicken and ran for it I came out and all I heard was close the door. I did and ran to the porch of the house at the time we were having burgers and hot dogs everybody was about ready to have s’mores.  I say the “bad news” the chicken died

I go inside mom was running around getting the light for the chicken. I went outside and ate a little went back inside to get a drink and mom was crying the chicken died. I don’t really see why mom would be crying over that it was only one chicken she wasn’t to sad when three chickens died by a fox. We went to go make a fire. I thought is was going to be small but the flames were huge. I thought I was burning and I was 1 mile away #not really but still I was burning alive again #not really we had some s’mores and it was like 9:00 and my bed at a school night is 8:30 and my mom came out with the dogs and said

“after I walk the dogs its bed”


“because its a school night”


Mom was done walking the dogs the fire was still the same as when we first lit it and we walking back to the house and that’s were the day ends.


when a dog got loose!!!

I was eating breakfast one Saturday morning it was nice about 55 degrees blue sky and not one cloud in the sky.  I look out the window and all I saw was green leaves pine trees and our fresh green grass it was beautiful outside.  I put my head down to eat and then i started chewing look out the window nothing took one more bite and I saw a dog and i saw a dog in the yard looking back into the woods but the first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t our dog. It was black and white and not to big so I grabbed our dog leash and didn’t even put my shoes on I started to run till I realized that would scare the dog so I walked out slowly one step to a nether step and then tried to call it over and the dog didn’t come so i took a couple more steps and then it ran down our driveway in the road

I ran outside and I saw it sprinting to the road and to the Neighbors yard! My heart jumped into my throat before I got to tell my dad that a random dog ran into the street the dog was already at the yard at the house across our house. I hear someone in the woods scream “Cookie!!!!!!. 

I ran to the woods to see someone making their way through the trees 

“who’s cookie?”

“It’s a dog”

“Black and white?”

“Yes yes”

I walked back over to my dad to see 3 cars on the side of the road and people were walking up our driveway to help they make it up

“is that your dog” 

“no think its the Neighbors dog she’s walking through the woods right now”

so my dad went across the road and got the dog to get back in our driveway again.

“Cookies there you are come hear”

Cookie ran back over but didn’t stop just ran past us luckily I saw the dog go so our backyard so we needed to split up so half would go on one side and the ether half the ether side we walked around the corner 

We all saw the dog on either side of the fence walk in the dog so we all just backed off so cookie did not feel stressed.

“Cookie come back”

 we see cookie run like the flash i decided to go get the dog some left over chicken we had in the fridge I ran back outside! I hear

“The dog went near the field”

I did not respond and just gave the chicken to my dad and he went to the dog and sat on the ground and said

“Come hear you want it”

The dog didn’t come over

“Dad let me try”

He tosses the chicken to me dad walks down the driveway with the ether people

“Come here cookie”

The dog trots over to me i kept on holding it till the dog came over to me  


 and cookie snatched my arm with all cookies teeth! No pain but i saw cookie backing off there was no pain it was numb i got up i saw my dad running to me i limped to the house very slowly i didn’t want to look at my foot, I could feel the cold blood seeping down my leg.

  I got to the house 

“Dad i need gauze”

“Stay right there I will go get it for you!”

I felt the pain in a second it hurt so bad the pain it felt like my foot by a little thread i see dad threw the door walking closer he turns the handle he was panicking he opens the door.

“Get in the car so i can wrap your leg”


I limp to the car lift my hand it felt heavy i reached the handle to rest my arm.  Then i open it lift myself up and sit down 


Dad raped then put the tape on to hold it together

“Watch your foot”

He closes the door and runs around to the driver’s seat he open the door and sits down then slams it shut! 

“You ready”


He put it in gear down the driveway.  We pull out into the road then drive. I feel like dad was going faster than normal which I thought was threw but not for sher but anything to get me to the hospital was going to do.     

“are you okay”

 “yeah kind of its throbbing” 

“yeah i bet it looks really bad” are we almost there”yeah 10 minutes” 

“nooooo i don’t know if i can wait that long” 

“I know but your going to have to” 


 we are still driving were near the hospital we go past Walmart Walgreen McDonald’s Wendy’s taco bell KFC and more then we stop moving were there at the hospital so we get outside i didn’t feel my feet but i still walked.   I made it inside and I sat down I sighed from me being so exhausted my dad signed im waiting it felt like an hour i’m waiting and waiting then i hear a doctor talking the first thing i thought I’m done waiting

” Travis and Ethan “


“come in” 

“Yes finally” I mumble to myself

 “let’s take of this gauze to see how bad it is”

 so i took the tape off then the gauze off then my leg started to drip a puddle

 “wow that’s bad what happened?”

 “a dog bit my leg”

 “that’s not a good bite mark” 

“I know”

 “so how are we going to fix it up”

“Can we stitch it”


“I don’t want to but if that going to work then yes”

“Okay let’s do it

The doctor got the supplies to stitch up my leg I was scared but i had to get thru it.  she started to put this stuff in my leg to make it numb so i didn’t feel the needle. definitely worked because my foot went asleep.  she put the first thread in didn’t feel anything after we were done it took 12 stitches I had gauze wrapped around my leg again she told me not to run.

I walked into the waiting room and to the door we walked back to the car.  It was an awkward silence till dad said 

“how was to have stitches for the first time”

“okay i guess”

“Yeah I remember my first time it wasn’t good”

 “What happened”

We talked all the way to the car we got there and I open the car door we were still talking I hoped I could barely hear him talking till he got back in the car. We backed up and started driving back home so I could rest.